Waxing machine for slabs

Waxing machine for slabs

  • The machine has been manifactured for the application of wax and other chemical products over marble and granite slabs.
    The machine is usually installed in wax finishing lines for marble and granite slabs, but it can be used also with dedicated application.

    Main componets
    Structure manifactured with welded strong steel boxes
    Beam for the translation of the spindles
    Spindles with brushes
    Plc for general command of the machine

    Baicchi abrasivi in 30 years of activity in the field of abrasives and products for marble,
    Has equiped the  machine  with  high  quality  brushes  that  permit to obtain great results with every material.

    The Baicchi waxing machine is provided with a dispenser and a airless spray gun working counterpressure.
    With this particular system the baicchi  waxing machine allows an even distribution of wax and an easy utilization.
    The Baicchi waxing machine can be also equiped with different types of dispenser for the distribution of protectives and other products for microfractures of slabs.

    The baicchi waxing machine is an easy and solid machine but at the same time equiped with accessories of great quality for any type of function.

    Control panels
    The control panels,fixed on the frontpart of the machine are easily accessible and permit to do in safety all the operations concerning the control and the drive of the machine.
    The control panels presents:

  • switch on-off inverter for bridge motor
  • off inverter for bridge motor
  • spindles motor
  • warking pressure regulator of the brushes
  • up-down of brushes with plc
  • switch automatic
  • manual for the bridge
  • manual back bridge
  • manual stop bridge
  • manual ahead bridge
  • speed regulator for the bridge
  • switch automatic
  • manual for wax
  • push button for wax
  • regulator for wax in automatic cycle.


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